Setting up Simple Redirections

When you create a new page, a Permalink (permanent URL) gets created automatically based on the page title. The visitors of your website can either access this page from your navigation menus or by using the permalink from a previously saved bookmark if they visited the page before.

If you subsequently changed the permalink, your visitors will no longer have access to the page and they will get a 404 “page not found” error instead. To avoid this problem, your LP site has a Redirection tool that monitors permalink changes and automatically redirects your visitors to the new destination. There may also be times when you need to set up redirections yourself. For example, you may want to archive a page and redirect your visitors to a new version.

To set up redirections:

  1. After logging into your LP account, go to Uncanny LP > Dashboard.
  2. Expand the Tools panel and choose Redirection.
  3. The Redirections page displays all the redirects on your site. In this example, there are two 301 redirects resulting from permalink changes. Hover over the link you want to examine/change, and click on Edit.
  4. You’ll see the original permalink (Source URL) and the new one (Target URL). Change the Target URL as appropriate. Then click Save to commit your change.
  5. To create a new redirection manually, add Source URL and Target URL information under Add new redirection. Click Add Redirection when done.