Continuing Education Report


This front end report for the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin allows anyone with access to the page to look up course completions and earned credits for any user on the site. This is a great tool to provide third parties and even learners an easy way to validate their training and earned credits.

CEU report

To set up this report, simply add the Continuing Education Report shortcode or block to any page or post.  We recommend using a dedicated page for this report that has no sidebar to ensure readability. The shortcode or block will automatically add the search field and report table.



Block Name: Continuing Education Report

To search for a user, enter at least 3 characters into the search field. The search will look at email addresses, first names, last names and display names to retrieve results. The 3 character minimum cannot be changed and was put in place to maintain some privacy and help to ensure people using the form don’t get matches for people other than those they know.