Continuing Education Certificates


The Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin allows certificate emails to be sent to learners, Group Leaders and the site administrator when a series of courses is completed or when a credit threshold is reached. Certificates are attached to emails as PDF files and can be optionally stored on the server (in /wp-content/uploads/ceu-certs/ for easy FTP access).


To get started with both certificate types, visit Uncanny CEUs > Settings as an administrator. Toward the bottom of the page are checkboxes to turn on the two new types of certificates. Enabling these will add associated fields to your LearnDash certificates so that you can define course combinations and CEU thresholds.  The next checkbox controls whether or not to store certificates on the server. Generally it’s a good idea to keep certificate copies, but as they can be large files, this should be used with caution. The final 2 checkboxes control who receives the emails. Learners ALWAYS receive certificate emails; emails are only optional for site admins and Group Leaders.

Email Customization

The email subject line and message can be customized as needed and variables that can be used are listed at the bottom of the page. One important thing to note is that all settings here apply to BOTH certificate email types, so the recipients and email contents must match for both course combination certificates and CEU credit certificates.CEU certificate settings

Creating multi-course certificates in LearnDash

Once everything has been set up appropriately and saved, edit a LearnDash certificate as you normally would. Depending on what you choose for certificate types on the email settings page, 1 or 2 new boxes will be added to the top right of the certificate edit page.

If you’re awarding the certificate based on completing a combination of courses, choose all courses that must be completed to earn the certificate in the associated box.

If you’re awarding the certificate based on the number of total CEUs (credits) earned (this does not consider rollover date behaviours) enter the amount of CEUs needed in the box at the top.  Note: A learner can earn this type of certificate only once, even if the threshold to earn the certificate is later increased and the learner passes the threshold a second time.



Because these certificates are not certificate types that LearnDash expects, please note that these certificates are not accessible from the ld_profile shortcode if you use it or other methods of displaying LearnDash certificates. That’s why the email capability is mandatory for learners, as there is no other way for learners to retrieve these certificates themselves after they’ve been earned.

Please also note that certificates are only generated as courses are completed, so generating historical credits will not trigger and send new certificates.