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Administrators have access to a powerful report in the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin that allows querying course completion and credit data by user, date range and LearnDash Group. The exportable report includes records for learner name, email address, course name, completion dates, credits earned for the course and total credits earned.

backend CEU report
To access the report, visit Uncanny CEUs > Course Report as a WordPress administrator. A date range is required to generate a report. Once the report has been populated, use the search field inside the report to instantly filter on any category.

The Export to CSV option generates a CSV file that can be opened in any spreadsheet application for further analysis. This is a good way to investigate more complex queries, like users that completed a total credit value within a range, course completions across a series of dates, high credit earners, etc.

User Profiles

Administrators can also see credit totals on user profile pages in /wp-admin/. Total credit and credits earned since the rollover date are both added to user profiles with this plugin for easy reference when reviewing user details.

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