A Tin Can LRS and LearnDash Reporting for WordPress!

Uncanny Owl is very pleased to introduce the easiest way to incorporate Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and H5P modules into LearnDash courses! We don’t just embed modules; we created the very first Tin Can (xAPI) Learning Record Store that’s completely native to WordPress. There are no other applications to install. No endpoints to configure, no complex upload tools, no segregated reporting or any of the other complications that have been historically required to track Storyline, Captivate and H5p modules in WordPress. Easy Tin Can/xAPI and LearnDash reporting is now available with the Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin.

The Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin is more than just a Learning Record Store. Capturing Tin Can statements is of no value unless there’s a great way to present the data—so we built a very powerful reporting tool that combines Tin Can data with all the rest of your LearnDash course data. In fact, even without the Tin Can piece, this is the most comprehensive reporting platform available for LearnDash sites. And that’s still not all—we wanted LearnDash and Tin Can integration to be as seamless as possible, so we modified LearnDash Mark Complete button behaviours so that they only appear after a user has completed all Tin Can modules on the page. (It’s all automatic; if are Tin Can modules on a page, we monitor Tin Can verbs to unlock the Mark Complete button at the right time.)tin_can_report

Everything that’s needed for effective Tin Can use is included in the plugin, from a Storyline and Captivate upload tool (that detects Tin Can vs. non-Tin Can automatically and parses XML files for slide names) and a Learning Record Store to dashboard, course, user and Tin Can reports. Simply install the plugin and everything is ready to go. In fact, the only setting is to toggle whether or not to use Tin Can (as this plugin is also a fantastic LearnDash reporting tool without Tin Can).


The reporting capabilities really can’t be understated. Here are just a few new metrics that are available for LearnDash courses in the drill-down reporting tool:

LearnDash course completion trends Average quiz scores
Topic completion recordsAverage course completion times*
Time spent in courses*Enrolment records

* Requires the Simple Course Timer module from the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro modules.

And on the Tin Can side, all of the following are available as report filters:

LearnDash GroupUser
CourseTin Can Module
Verb/ActivityDate Range

Head over to our Knowledge Base articles to read more about how the upload tool, LRS and reporting tools work.


At the time of writing, this is the first release of a very large plugin. We wanted to get the plugin out to users as soon as possible, so there a few features that we’ll be adding in the near future to round out the plugin. They include the following:

  • Group Leader reports (right now they’re for administrators only)
  • Additional export functions
  • A report builder that lets you choose your own columns and filters
  • Controls for disabling the Mark Complete integration (it’s currently forced if Tin Can is on a page)

These are all coming in the near future! We will also be making performance improvements to query millions of records in under 5 seconds. Development testing included data for 10,000 learners, but we know we can make report generation even faster.

Please also note that the Learning Record Store is ONLY for on-site use (there is no endpoint for external Tin Can data) and has been built specifically to support Storyline, Captivate and H5P modules only. To capture Tin Can statements from H5P, this plugin also requires the free H5P xAPI plugin.


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23 replies
    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      1. Yes, this replaces much of what GrassBlade LRS would be used for. GrassBlade does offer some different features, so it’s worth comparing them to see which best suits your needs.
      2. We have no plans to support iSpring at this time. Demand simply hasn’t been high enough and this is a very niche plugin, plus we don’t use iSpring ourselves.

  1. Favio
    Favio says:


    Congratulations! It’s is a great enhancement to LearnDash sites and that’s why I choose to start a new LMS on wpengine. I’m configuring it with your recommendations, so thank you for share your knowledge. Greetings from Argentina.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      It has not been tested with Lectora courses. It’s rarely requested so adding support isn’t currently on our roadmap. iSpring is next, and if additional applications become supported we’ll add the references to the product page.

    • Irena
      Irena says:

      And one else question.
      What’s about capturing of variables’ data from Storyline course for encounting a total score of the course? Does it works with default and user’s variables?

      • Ryan
        Ryan says:

        This is more a function of your Storyline export settings, but I would say this would be difficult and we haven’t seen it done. You would have to populate these values into a Results slide, and even then, it’s not a scenario we’ve tested. For safety I would assume that it wouldn’t work.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Irena,

      We do not current support translation of the Tin Canny plugin. In most cases text is translatable (via translation plugins, not .pot files) but there may be issues and we’re not able to provide official support for translation at this time.

  2. Tiago
    Tiago says:

    Hi, I have almost decided to buy this license. But before I just want to make sure one thing: I can create H5p quizzes, insert them in my LD courses and they will me marked as completed? I mean, right now they are inserted but the dont mark the score fo those questions. So, please tell me if this is what I need to achive this goal? Thanks.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      The answer is “maybe”, unfortunately. A completion verb can be passed to Tin Canny if the H5P module supports it (not all send a completion verb). The data isn’t captured in LearnDash though, and depending on the module type scores may or may not be recorded (there’s a lot of variation in how different H5P elements send data). Some of the H5P modules outline what xAPI/Tin Can data they pass and that’s a good place to check for more information.

  3. Anil
    Anil says:


    I have question regarding email functionality,

    Is there that feature availlable to email from admin to Director or manager with overview progress of people in their team ??


    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Tin Canny does not add any email capabilities at all. If something like this were needed custom development would be required.


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