Configuring eCommerce

To maximize performance, eCommerce (along with other LP features) is turned off initially on your LP site. You can enable it from Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Settings > LP Features. After turning on the switch for eCommerce, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

You should now see an eCommerce menu added to the admin panel. To edit eCommerce settings for your online store, go to eCommerce > Settings and you’ll see seven tabs, each with its own set of options:


The following documentation provides more information about settings for each of these tabs.

Setting up a custom Thank You page

Uncanny LP enables you to set up a custom Thank You page for that customers see after placing an order. Being able to provide additional information on where to find just-purchased courses or another custom welcome message is a common request, so we’ve added this functionality to Uncanny LP.

To set a custom Thank You page:

  1. Create a new Page, and add the content you want users to see after completing an order.  Use these shortcodes to display their order details:
    • [order_summary] -> This short code will show the summary of the order just made.
    • [order_detail] -> This short code will show the detail of the order just made.
    • [customer_detail] -> This customer will output the billing and shopping address and the customer details for that particular order
    • [customer_name greetings=”” after_name=”” size=””] -> This will output the customer’s name and a greeting message. You can specify the size from p, h1, h2 to h6 in the size parameter. The way this shortcode outputs is [greetings][name][after_name] and you can use the after_name parameter to output anything you want after the name.
  2. Go to eCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the page you created in Step 1 as your custom Thank You page.