Creating Course Products

Your visitors can browse and purchase access to your online courses via the storefront as they normally would with other products, as well as directly on individual course pages.

To create the linkage between LearnDash courses and products, simply select one or more associated courses while creating a new Course Product. The ability to associate multiple courses to a single product makes it possible to create course bundles (or discounts for bulk course purchases). Your customers can choose any payment options you make available to them in the checkout process, and be enrolled into the course(s) immediately after successful payment.

To set up a course product:

  1. Go to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings. Under the Checkout tab, make sure that guest checkout is disabled. This means new users must register for a new account before they can complete their order.
  2. Go to eCommerce > Products > Add Product.
  3. Fill in the title and product description.
  4. From the Product Data drop-down menu, choose Course.
  5. Enter the regular price.
  6. Select the appropriate course title from the list of Related Courses, or select multiple courses to make this product a bundled package.
  7. Complete other fields that are applicable such as sale price and featured image.
  8. Click Publish to complete creating the product.

Now your customers can select the new Course Product on the storefront and complete their purchase through the regular checkout process.

You are not done yet! You can also enable the “Take this Course” button on a course homepage, which will redirect the visitor to the specific product page on your storefront. If you have more than one course associated with the product, they will be taken to your store.

To enable the Take this Course button:

  1. While you are still on your product edit page, copy the permalink of the course product.
  2. Navigate to eLearning > Courses. Select the appropriate course to edit.
  3. Under Price Type, select Closed.
  4. In the Custom Button URL field, paste the course product link.
  5. Click on Publish to save your change.

Your customer who is not currently enrolled in the course will now see a “Take this Course” button when they are on the course homepage. You can customize the label of the button by going to eLearning > Settings > Custom Labels. Enter a different name for the label and save your change.