Managing Orders

A dedicated page for the administrator (or any user with a Shop Manager role), enables you to manage the orders received on your online store. You can access this page by going to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > eCommerce > Orders.

Each of your orders has a unique order number and a status that tells you how far along it is in the fulfillment process, starting with Pending Payment and ending with Completed. The following order statuses are used:

  • Pending Payment: Order has been received but not yet paid
  • Processing: Payment has been received and is awaiting fulfillment
  • On-Hold: Order is awaiting confirmation of payment
  • Failed: Payment failed or was declined
  • Refunded: Payment has been returned to the customer
  • Cancelled: Order has been cancelled by the admin or customer
  • Completed: Order has been fulfilled

The following documentation provides more information on how to manage orders: