Creating Course Subscriptions

The eCommerce features on Uncanny LP enable you to create and manage course subscriptions. You can give your customers the option to:

  • Try before they buy
  • Subscribe to your course products or learning services and pay on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Manage their subscriptions and choose their own billing schedule
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cross-grade between different subscription products with flexible proration options

Subscriptions have their own general settings. To review them, go to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings and look under the Subscriptions tab.

To set up a course subscription:

  1. Go to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings. Under the Checkout tab, make sure that guest checkout is disabled. This means new users must register for a new account before they can complete their order.
  2. Go to eCommerce > Products > Add Product.
  3. Fill in the title and product description.
  4. From the Product Data drop-down menu, choose Simple Subscription.
  5. Enter the subscription price.
  6. Select the appropriate course title from the list of Related Courses, or select multiple courses to make this product a bundled package.
  7. Complete other fields that are applicable such as sign-up fee, free trial period, sale price, and featured image.
  8. Click Publish to complete creating the product.

Now your customers can select the new Course Subscription on the storefront and complete their purchase through the regular checkout process.

The following documentation provides more information about setting up and managing subscriptions and subscription products: