Uncanny Groups 4.0: Dozens of enhancements

The Uncanny Groups for LearnDash 4.0 release has been in development for months and focuses heavily on reliability and marginal improvements. And there are a lot of those; this release includes almost 50 plugin enhancements and fixes. Let’s jump right into some of what’s new:

More form support

Use Gravity Forms, WPForms or Formidable Forms? Now you can add enrollment key redemption fields from the form editor so you can link any form in those plugins to key redemption in Uncanny Groups.

Uncanny Enrollment Key in WP Forms

New edit group page options

Ever wish administrators could see invited users? That’s in, so is the ability to see orders and products associated with groups that were created from a purchase. You can even unlink a group from an order if you no longer want users to be able to add courses or seats to a group via purchase.

Edit Uncanny Groups page changes

New group list page options

We modified the group listing under LearnDash LMS > Groups to show seat counts and to make enrollment keys downloadable by admins. Both of these changes will make it a lot easier for administrators to get data they need without drilling down into a group or switching to the front end Group Management page.

Shortcode support in email templates

Email templates now allow shortcodes to be used in emails to users. One interesting use case, and the reason for us building it, was someone wanting to use the group logo shortcode from Toolkit Pro to brand emails to group members with the group logo.

New system status tools

Start with the Uncanny Automator 3.0 release, we’re adding a Status page to our plugins to provide useful troubleshooting information and database repair tools. Uncanny Groups 4.0 is the first of our LearnDash add-ons to support it. Look for the new Uncanny Groups > System status menu.

Bulk discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions

We had a few requests for users wanting to use our Bulk Discount system for subscription purchases as well as one-time purchases. That’s now fully supported.

New seat management system

The changes are largely behind the scenes, but the entire seat and key management system was rebuilt to ensure that it remains reliable, even with some edge cases that could cause sync issues in the past. While it sounds small, this change represents dozens of hours of work and should negate the need for the Reconcile seat count button for upgraded groups.

New license system

The 4.0 release includes a new system to track expired plugins that we’ll be adding to our other plugins shortly. Currently, it’s not obvious on user sites when license keys have expired and we get a lot of tickets from confused users about why they can’t update. Now, directly on sites, we can show how many activations a license key has, whether or not it’s valid and when it expires.

Other fixes and enhancements

The above is already a huge list of improvements, but here are a handful of other changes in 4.0:

  • New developer filters for the quiz reports to make overrides easier
  • Password complexity was reduced for automatically generated passwords
  • Better Divi, LearnDash Notifications and WPML compatibility

For the full list of changes in Uncanny Groups 4.0, make sure to check https://www.uncannyowl.com/knowledge-base/uncanny-learndash-groups-changelog/

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.
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  1. Liveringhouse
    Liveringhouse says:

    Does this update (among others) fix the issue where all users in a WordPress database are automatically (and erroneously) added to a child group after adding a Group Leader? We noticed this issue on version 3.10.1 of your groups plugin

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Matt, this sounds like a LearnDash behaviour that does add users to child groups via inheritance. The public Uncanny Groups plugin (as at 4.0.3) doesn’t have support for any hierarchical behaviours (but I do know of a related LearnDash behaviour like this one we had to override for some private clients). If you are seeing something here only happen when Uncanny Groups is active, you should definitely log a ticket, we’re not aware of an open issue on our side here.



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