Creating Your First Opt-in Form

To create an opt-in form, go to Opt-Ins > Forms. Here you can manage the opt-ins that you have created in the past, as well as create new opt-ins.


To create your first opt-in form, click the “NEW OPTIN” button. This will reveal the 6 opt-in types that Bloom supports.


The offsite document on Elegant Themes has in-depth tutorials for each type of opt-in forms:

Once you select your opt-in type, you will be taken to the opt-in configuration screen where you can adjust its setup, design and display Settings.

Opt-In Setup


In this section, you can name your opt-in form, and select or add a new opt-in account (if you haven’t done so). Select an associated email list that you would like to use, and then click NEXT: DESIGN YOUR OPTIN. Once your opt-in form goes live, subscribers will be added to the account/list that you selected here.

Opt-In Design


This section allows you to choose from a list of pre-made templates for your opt-in form. Select a template as the starting point, and click the NEXT: CUSTOMIZE button to bring up the design customization settings. These settings allow you to adjust every aspect of your opt-in form’s appearance. For more information about each design setting, as well as how to use them effectively, refer to the design settings tutorial (offsite documentation).

Once you have finished designing your opt-in, click the “NEXT: DISPLAY SETTINGS” button.

Opt-In Display


In this section, you can control where and when your opt-in forms appear. You can choose to display your opt-in form on specific post types or categories. You can also target individual posts and pages, or exclude individual posts and pages. For a complete look at all of the opt-in display settings, refer to the display settings tutorial (offsite documentation).

After you have finished creating your opt-in, click the “SAVE AN & EXIT” button. This will bring you back to the Opt-Ins settings panel. You will see your newly-created opt-in added to the page. You can modify, delete, de-activate or create split tests for this opt-in using the various settings icons.