Creating Forums

To create a new forum:

  1. Go to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Forums > Forums > New Forum.
  2. Provide a title and description for your forum.
  3. Under Forum Attributes, change Status from Public (default) to Private if you wish to limit forum access to only users enrolled in the course.
  4. Under Associated Course, select the course(s) to associate this forum to.
  5. Click Publish to commit your change.

You can display forums in a number of ways.

  1. Adding a Forums link to menus gives your learners quick access to all the forums in one place.
  2. Displaying a list of forums from the sidebar. To learn how to work with widgets, please refer to the Managing Sidebars & Widgets tutorial in the Introduction to Uncanny LP course.
  3. Linking to a course-specific forum by adding the following shortcode to a lesson or topic page:
    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] (Replace $id with the forum's post id)