Managing Online Forums

Forums are one of the vehicles to facilitate collaboration among learners. For elearning courses, online forums are often used as the main instructional strategy for asynchronous communication and community building. They give learners the opportunity to connect with their peers and receive invaluable feedback from one another. If well designed, online discussions can help keep learners engaged and motivated.

bbPress, one of the most commonly used forums plugins for WordPress, has been integrated into your LP site. In addition, we included LearnDash bbPress integration so you can:

  • Easily add forums to your courses
  • Automatically grant users access to course forums as soon as they are enrolled
  • Associate as many forums as you wish to a course
  • Create public forums that are available to all site visitors as well as private forums that are accessible to only users enrolled in a course
  • Display associated forums for a course in the sidebar

In this course, we will show you how to enable Forums on your LP site and configure your bbPress settings. We’ll also cover how to create and moderate forums.