Configuring bbPress

Enabling Forums

To maximize performance, Forums (along with other LP features) is turned off initially on your LP site. You can enable it from Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Settings > LP Features. After turning on the switch for Forums, click Submit.

You should now see a Forums menu entry added to the admin panel.

Changing bbPress Settings

To edit bbPress settings, go to Forums > Settings. There are seven areas of settings. Some define the privileges and restrictions for the forums such as whether to allow anonymous posts and how long posters should be able to edit their posts. Some determine the display layout of forums such as how many topics and posts to show per page and whether to allow users to subscribe to topics or add topics as favorites. The documentation on bbPress support site has detailed explanations of the available forum options.

User Roles in bbPress

bbPress comes with five pre-defined roles, each with different capabilities.

  1. Keymaster
    The administrator is automatically assigned the Keymaster role. A Keymaster can delete and create forums, and create, edit, delete all posts & topics.
  2. Moderators
    Users with the Moderator role have access to moderation tools to moderate forums, topics, posts and replies.
  3. Participants
    This is the default user role. Participants can create and edit their own topics and posts, and subscribe to topics.
  4. Spectators
    Spectators have read-only access to public forums, topics and posts.
  5. Blocked
    When a user is blocked, all their capabilities are blocked. They can still read publicly viewable topics and posts, but can not participate in any forums.

By default, registered users will be automatically given the Participant role. You can change this default role in Forums > Settings > Forum User Settings, as the image shown below.


The documentation on bbPress support site has detailed explanations of the available forum roles.