Configuring BadgeOS

To maximize performance, Gamification (along with other LP features) is turned off initially on your LP site. You can enable it from Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Settings > LP Features. After turning on the switch for Gamification, click Submit.

You should now see a Gamification menu added to the admin panel. To edit BadgeOS settings for your LP site, go to Gamification > Settings.


The first drop-down menu lets you choose the minimum role allowed to administer the BadgeOS system. Administrator is the default but you can change it to Author or Editor.

The following three settings are related to submissions and nominations sent by users on your LP site. Similarly, you can specify the minimum role allowed to administer submissions and nominations. You can also choose to trigger email when submissions and nominations are received.

By default, the “Congratulations” add-on to BadgeOS automatically displays an overlay pop-up window congratulating users as they earn achievements. You have the option to turn on or off pop-up messages for specific Achievement Types.