Gamification with BadgeOS

There are a variety of ways you can award your learners as they progress through your elearning courses on your LP site:

  1. Completing steps: You can reward learners when they complete one or more tasks, e.g., passing a quiz.
  2. Minimum number of points: You can associate points to some or all of the badges, and then award level badges when learners pass defined points thresholds (e.g., Level 1 = 50 points, Level 2 = 100 points, etc.) You can also add a Leaderboard to show the top performers.
  3. Submission (reviewed): Your learners can hand in evidence to request a badge. You will then review each submission and approve it to award the badge.
  4. Submission (auto-accepted): Similar to the previous method, your learners must hand in evidence to request a badge which is then approved automatically.
  5. Nomination: Learners can nominate their peers to be awarded badges.
  6. Admin awarded: You can manually award badges by updating a learner’s profile.