Setting up Achievements

One of your first steps in utilizing badges is to design your badge constellation. In BadgeOS, each individual badge is called an achievement. These achievements can then be grouped into achievement types. What you call your achievement types and how you decide to group your badges is completely up to you. All your badges can be stand-alone or some can be inter-related. The latter involves setting up your constellation so that achieving a certain combination of badges triggers the achievement of another badge representing a higher goal.

Let’s take a look at an example. Perhaps you want to define fifteen “missions”, each of which represents a specific learning goal. Perhaps you want to further define three “levels” which are achieved when a learner completes five, ten, and all fifteen missions. You would create achievement types for Missions and Levels, and then use the Steps Manager to indicate what steps are required to complete each mission and level.

You can view all the achievements set up on your LP site by going to Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Gamification > Achievement Types. By default, there is only one achievement type called “Badges”.


To edit existing badges or create new badges under the Badges achievement type, go to Gamification > Badges. (Note each achievement type will have menu entry. This is where you can find badges of that achievement type.) There are five pre-defined badges.


Click on Perfect Quiz to examine its setup. Under Required Steps, you can see that it requires a user to score 100% on any quiz in order to earn this badge.


Examine the other pre-defined badges. Remove the ones you won’t use or add additional ones. You can also create new achievement types and stack up achievements to create additional levels of challenges. The Achievements page shows the learner what badges are available and which ones they have earned.

The following tutorials on BadgeOS support site has more information about how to set up achievement types and the various options for setting up individual achievements: