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Intro to WordPress Staging Sites

You have a successful WordPress site. You’re happy because you got your site up and running quickly on a tight budget. Now, your website is the main source of your customers and sales. As your business grows, so does your need for more functionality and plugins. A few times a month, you make content updates and do theme and plugin upgrades on your site all by yourself. You’ve never had any problems—you think running a website is a piece of cake. Then, after you run a bulk update of a dozen or so plugins, you start getting emails from customers, your WordPress site, and even Google. The emails say that you have a serious issue with your site. You bring up your browser and try to pull up your site. Unfortunately, all you get is a blank white screen. This nightmare scenario happens all too often. The good news is, it can easily be avoided if you use what’s called a staging site or staging environment. A staging site is a separate copy of your live website. The keywords being: separate and copy. Because a staging site is separate from your live site, you can do things like upgrading to […]