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Top automation tools for WordPress

Most of us might cringe when we hear the words, “Do more with less.” However, there is some wisdom with doing more with what you have by being more efficient. For instance, let’s say you compose a standard email response to potential clients. After writing the same three paragraphs each time (about 100 times now), you decide to create an email template instead. Your new template reduces all that typing you did before to one little click! With that one simple template, you discover that you save a couple of hours every week. Welcome to the world of automation. The wonderful thing with automation is that it scales up beautifully for larger and more complex tasks. And, when your processes do become larger, that’s when integrations comes in to connect things together. We’ll see shortly how automation and integration go hand-in-hand. How can automation help me? You still might be thinking, how can you tell if automation and integration tools can help your situation? Well, do you ever find yourself repeating mundane tasks like: Downloading your client’s email attachments from your G Suite account then uploading them to your project folder on Dropbox? Updating a training record in Google Sheets […]

Intro to WordPress Staging Sites

You have a successful WordPress site. You’re happy because you got your site up and running quickly on a tight budget. Now, your website is the main source of your customers and sales. As your business grows, so does your need for more functionality and plugins. A few times a month, you make content updates and do theme and plugin upgrades on your site all by yourself. You’ve never had any problems—you think running a website is a piece of cake. Then, after you run a bulk update of a dozen or so plugins, you start getting emails from customers, your WordPress site, and even Google. The emails say that you have a serious issue with your site. You bring up your browser and try to pull up your site. Unfortunately, all you get is a blank white screen. This nightmare scenario happens all too often. The good news is, it can easily be avoided if you use what’s called a staging site or staging environment. A staging site is a separate copy of your live website. The keywords being: separate and copy. Because a staging site is separate from your live site, you can do things like upgrading to […]