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WordPress has become a very strong platform for elearning over the last few years. With such wide use, great elearning tools, flexibility and strong development community, there are a lot of advantages over proprietary Learning Management systems and platforms that only do elearning. There is a tradeoff though: it’s hard to build and support robust elearning sites with WordPress. It typically takes months to get a site off the ground and a skilled developer is needed to do things well. For many people that puts a WordPress elearning platform out of reach—until now.

Uncanny LP, a hosted platform powered by WordPress and LearnDash,  finally makes it possible for businesses to launch polished elearning sites quickly and easily without any development. Uncanny LP includes the basics that every site needs to launch and to deliver an engaging learning experience. From LMS tools and ecommerce to event management and gamification, it’s a complete platform that works seamlessly for everyone wanting a working LearnDash site without the need for an experienced developer.

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What is Uncanny LP?

Uncanny LP is a complete learning platform that we built from the ground up to provide what many organizations tell us they want in a WordPress LMS platform. We look after the platform—including maintenance, security, performance, and backups—so you can focus on the design and content. It’s the fastest, safest, and easiest way to build out a LearnDash-powered platform for your business, and it comes ready to go with all of the following:

  • Strong LMS capabilities powered by LearnDash, the most feature-rich WordPress LMS plugin available.
  • Support for almost limitless content types, including video, audio, quizzes, tables, Captivate, Storyline, iSpring, Rise, H5P and more. There’s even support for Tin Can (xAPI) and SCORM tracking. You won’t find this level of elearning content support in any other WordPress solution.
  • Intuitive group and license management. Go B2C or B2B; it’s easy to support both audiences with ecommerce and enterprise features like self-managed groups and front end management reporting.
  • Certificates, Continuing Education Credits, and badges that make it easy to recognize achievements online and offline.
  • Event management for live events, including paid tickets and attendee management.
  • eCommerce that supports one-time payment, subscriptions, coupons and code-based registration. Accept payment with PayPal or Stripe; we also secure your site with SSL
  • Deep CRM integration and compatibility with Infustionsoft, Active Campaign, Ontraport and more. Sync data from optins, purchases, user profiles, course behaviour and more.
  • Discussion forums for online collaboration, both public and private.
  • Great performance on specialized WordPress hosting where security, backups and other admin headaches are taken care of for you.
  • Extensive documentation and training materials.
  • Support from a North American team of experienced Learning developers and educators.

Who is Uncanny LP for?

We get a lot of inquiries about custom WordPress elearning platforms but we only work with about 10% of the organizations that reach out to us. Why is it such a small number? Almost without exception, it comes down to cost and timing. LearnDash development can be expensive; our average project budget is over $10,000. Many people not familiar with custom development are sometimes surprised by the cost. Development time can also be unexpected. We typically have a 4 week lead time, and there are a lot of people out there that leave LearnDash projects or enhancements to the last possible minute. After the lead time, sites often take 4 to 10 weeks to build. Finding this out left a lot of potential customers very scrambling for a solution—and there really was no alternative for getting a robust LearnDash site up quickly.

Uncanny LP addresses that gap. It’s  for the thousands of people and small businesses that need a simple, flexible learning platform.  Maybe the per user cost of a cloud LMS are prohibitive, or maybe they don’t want separate websites for everything they’re doing. We hear from hundreds of these users every year, in need of a robust solution but overwhelmed by the complexity of building it themselves. These are people that don’t have the budget or time for a full-blown, custom LMS when 90% of their needs aren’t that unique. Until now, these organizations had no easy solution in the marketplace.

Here are just a few examples of organizations that would find significant value in Uncanny LP:

The author/keynote speaker selling video-based training directly to the public. She can turn on the eCommerce, CRM integration and Marketing LP modules and be ready to go. From there it’s just a matter of adding branding and content.

The mid-sized company doing internal training that needs an easy way to track self-directed compliance programs and CPD/CEU credits. All LP modules can be turned off and the system can be hidden from search engines; LearnDash Groups can be used to track training by department.

The small business offering niche sales training can turn on eCommerce, events, gamification and marketing modules to coordinated blended learning programs. They might even incorporate interactive Storyline modules and discussion forums to augment their training offer. Selling B2B licenses to organizations is even supported.

The professional coach might use the event, gamification and marketing modules to offer long-term, facilitated programs to groups of students. Incorporating the CRM integration module allows him to set up campaigns in Infusionsoft to promote automated engagement based on learning activities.

The college professor can turn on discussion forums and gamification to build supplementary modules that augment the classroom experience and promote more learning opportunities.

There are countless scenarios where Uncanny LP will be the right fit for an organization. Some of the best reasons include the following:

  • Hundreds or thousands of active monthly users means per-user costs with cloud LMS providers are prohibitive
  • Tight integration of common features that a traditional LMS lacks (like event management and CRM integration)
  • Time is limited and a robust, secure elearning platform is needed quickly
  • WordPress seems like the right fit but the site owner is new to WordPress and just needs things to work
  • The organization doesn’t have a $10,000 plus budget and can accept a platform that does 95% of what they want for a 95% discount

Whatever your reason for choosing Uncanny LP, you’ll get a solid, safe platform backed by one of the most experienced LearnDash development agencies out there.

Get Started with Uncanny LP

To learn more about Uncanny LP features and benefits, be sure to check out our new site at https://uncannylp.com. It’s the best way to see how the platform can benefit your organization.

Uncanny LP Intro Course

To better understand how LP works and how to set things up, we’ve made some of the free training available in our introductory course. We hope you’ll check it out! There are dozens of screencasts and it’s about a 10-hour training program.

To get started with your own Uncanny LP site, click here. You can start using your own LP site as early as tomorrow.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.
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