Use LearnDash Groups? You Need This.

We heard your requests for better group management in LearnDash and we listened! Today we’re releasing our Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin, and it’s going to completely change what you and your Group Leaders can do with LearnDash groups.

The plugin adds features in 3 main areas to your LearnDash elearning sites:

  1. Selling courses and seats to organizations.
  2. Managing groups in the front end.
  3. Front end reports for Group Leaders.

This plugin has something for everyone—maybe you just need front end group reports, or maybe you simply need a way to sell custom course bundles to organizations that you support. Use as much or as little as you need. Here’s a video that explains how the plugin adds new opportunities for using LearnDash Groups on your site:

Group Management Made Easy

If you currently manage groups or support Group Leaders, Uncanny LearnDash Groups will make your life a lot easier. After installing the plugin your Group Leaders can do everything themselves. No more emails to you and spending your time settings things up! Whether groups are set up through a purchase or by you, Group Leaders can add or remove users (with limits; no-one can cheat the system) and monitor progress. There are lots of options for making group management easy, including code-based invitations and redemptions, CSV uploads, and manual user changes.


LearnDash Group Management

In the screenshot above you can see how easy it is for Group Leaders to manage everything from one place. See how many seats are available; review what courses the group has access to; add individual users; upload users; download codes users can redeem for group and course access; buy more seats for the group; add and pay for more courses for the group; see progress for group members at the course level; review all quiz completions and drill down into individual results; and manage group leaders (not shown). All of this is possible from a single page and from the front end of the site. We know many site owners don’t like giving access to the back end to Group Leaders, and this plugin goes a long way towards making that possible.

Easy Front End LearnDash Reporting

Uncanny LearnDash Groups makes the reports people ask for most—course progress and quiz results—available in the front end to Group Leaders. No more working with CSV files or confusing widgets. Choose a group (if a Group Leader has more than one), the course or quiz, and get instant results.

LearnDash Group Course Report

The course report is the easiest way for Group Leaders to track progress at a glance, especially with the filtering and search options available. The quiz report adds drill-down capabilities to see all quiz details for a learner, including how they answered LearnDash quiz questions and how long it took them.

Sell to Organizations Without Lifting a Finger

Wish there was a better way to sell to organizations that didn’t require you to create a group, create a Group Leader, invoice the organization offline, add their courses, upload their users and explain how everything works? (And yes, that’s usually what’s required for every group you add.)

Uncanny LearnDash Groups integrates with WooCommerce to let organizations create their own groups with as many courses and licenses as they need. And they can do all of it completely independently.

Buy LearnDash Group Licenses

The screenshot above is what users see when they’re buying a course. They set the group name, how many seats they need, and what courses they want for their learners. But the best part is that they can add more seats and courses later. Groups created with our plugin are completely flexible and organizations can change them themselves as their needs change. No other plugin can do this. It’s an entirely new way of selling to organizations that want your courses, and it’s finally feasible to sell to hundreds of organizations without needing a full-time resource to manage everything.

There’s a lot more to it (including an amazing shortcode to show different course content to different groups!), but we’ll leave the finer details to our Knowledge Base. We know this plugin will help a lot of LearnDash users and we’re excited to finally get it out to the public.

To celebrate the launch of Uncanny LearnDash Groups, we’re offering a 25% discount off the regular price for everyone that buys it before October 8th. Use coupon code “uogroups” to get the reduced price!

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.
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