Managing Attendees

Once you have created some tickets and the sales have started to roll in, it’s time to think about managing incoming orders and the attendees.

The ticket ordering process is as follows:

  1. A customer purchases one or more tickets
  2. An order is created
  3. The order is completed
  4. Tickets are generated and emailed out to the customer
  5. Ticket details are added to the attendee list for the event

Accessing the Attendee list

The attendee list is a consolidated list of all the ticket purchases that have been made and completed for a given event (including RSVPs). To access the attendee list, go to Events > Events. Mouse over an event and click on the Attendees link. You can also access the attendee list from within the Tickets section in the Edit Ticket page:


The attendees page includes a list of attendees and issued tickets, including the customer’s name, email, ticket ID and unique ticket security code:


You can use the Export button to get a full listing of all your attendee information in CSV.

The following documentation has more detailed explanations on how to manage your orders and attendees.