Configuring Events Settings

To maximize performance, Events (along with other LP features) is turned off initially on your LP site. You can enable it from Uncanny LP > Dashboard > Settings > LP Features. After turning on the switch for Events, click Save.

You should now see an Events menu added to the admin panel. To configure global event settings, go to Events > Settings and you’ll see eight tabs, each with its own set of options:


The following documentation provides more information about settings for each of these tabs.

  • General settings let you control general calendar options such as number of events to list per page, the events listing slug and the single event slug
  • Display settings control the look and date format of your calendar
  • Tickets settings let you control which parts of your site can be used with tickets, and login requirements before your site visitors can buy tickets or RSVP for an event
  • Default Content lets you define default venues and organizers
  • Additional Fields let you add custom event attributes
  • Licenses are managed by Uncanny Owl
  • APIs are where you enter the API keys so that your site can communicate with third-party sources such as Google Maps.
  • Imports settings allow you to decide what happens to events on your site if they are reimported and the event at the original source has changed. This is also where you set global and individual calendar import settings.