New Code Capabilities for LearnDash

Generating and redeeming codes for LearnDash just got a lot more powerful. Today’s Uncanny LearnDash Codes 3.1 release adds new ways to set up codes, new edit code capabilities and more. This update is free for all current Uncanny LearnDash Codes users.

Use custom codes

Probably the #1 customer request, version 3.1 now allows plugin users to enter their own codes rather than having them randomly generated. It’s as simple as it sounds; the Generate Codes page now has a toggle at the top to choose either randomly generated codes or codes entered by the user. Here’s what the new interface looks like:

Custom LearnDash Codes

Any codes are allowed, as long as they’re unique, between 4 and 30 characters long, and use alphanumeric characters plus hyphens. There’s no longer any need to edit database records if you want to use your own codes! The new system does check manual codes to make sure they are unique and valid, so there’s no need to worry about duplicates with custom codes after the update.

Edit existing LearnDash code batches

Have you ever wished you could make changes to codes that were previously generated? Maybe to allow more uses or extend an expiry date? Version 3.1 allows it! Every code batch that exists in the system can now be edited using the new Edit icons on the View Codes page.

For the edit page, you can change the code type, number of uses, what future redemptions of the code grant access to (courses or groups), and expiration date/time. Note that edits can only be made to non-expired codes.

Customize messages for code redemption

Uncanny LearnDash Codes 3.1 adds a new visual editor for the redemption success messages. This is what users will see when they redeem a code using the standalone code redemption form. You can find the new editor under Uncanny Codes > Settings.

Redeem LearnDash Code Message

Terms & Conditions plus other improvements

The Uncanny Codes settings page now also includes a Terms & Conditions editor that is optionally shown on the native registration form. When text is populated in this field, new users must accept the terms before they can register on the site and redeem a code.

The 3.1 release now includes lowercase letters in automatically generated codes and additional error handling. Full details are in the Uncanny LearnDash Codes changelog.

If you haven’t tried Uncanny LearnDash Codes and need a system to grant access to courses and groups using codes, make sure to check out the full list of features and the Knowledge Base.

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