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If you’re a BadgeOS user, you’ve probably noticed that the plugin hasn’t been updated for almost a year. Conflicts with the latest version of WooCommerce and other plugins have made it virtually impossible to use BadgeOS on many sites, and as we have a lot of LearnDash sites relying on BadgeOS, the situation became rather difficult for us.

As future support of BadgeOS is unknown, we decided to implement some fixes ourselves for our clients. We know a lot of people are affected by these issues though, so we thought it would be helpful to release our patched plugin to the wider community. Having said that, there are some caveats:

  • This is not a plugin we will be maintaining or supporting. If you want to use this code, it’s at your own risk. This is purely to address some common issues that we know site owners are struggling to address themselves with BadgeOS version
  • We currently have no plans to keep this updated. Right now it’s a short term fix.
  • This plugin may or may not work with third-party integrations. We fixed some common issues that affected our clients and plugins.
  • We have no relationship with the BadgeOS developers. We’re just filling a gap temporarily that was affecting a lot of our users.

If you are running into BadgeOS problems, we invite you to download the plugin below and see if it fixes your issues. It is a drop-in replacement for BadgeOS, so make sure you remove your current BadgeOS plugin first.

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6 replies
  1. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I haven’t tested to see if this works or not, but regardless… THANK YOU for releasing this to the public. I’m still confused as to why Credly pushes BadgeOS so hard, it’s linked to so many projects (like learndash), it hasn’t been updated in a year, and NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Its ridiculous. I’m a bit confused how it went on this long without someone taking over the project or just straight up forking it and creating their own called BadgerOS or BOS or BadGeos or something clever. Lol.

    I will install this now and see what happens.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Trust me, people are definitely saying things about it. 🙂 As for someone taking over the project, keep in mind that there’s a huge ecosystem to support, it’s a big plugin, there’s negative sentiment around the situation… it’s a lot for a company to take on.

      • Matthew
        Matthew says:

        There is negative sentiment, I’ll give you that. But as with any company, it’s not that difficult to fix. A successful re-branding strategy with a new launch and an apology/promise works wonders. For someone new to take it over is even easier. You basically say that you realize everyone has been suffering and you’re here to make it better. It will take some time to fix everything and please be patient. Make it clear that you have nothing to do with the old developer and are sorry for whatever transgressions have occurred in the past. Empathize with them (if it’s true) in saying that you too were affected.

        The only major issue here is going to be the paid for plugins that people are irate about forking over money and then having no support. I realize it would probably take a team to clean everything up especially regarding integrations, but this thing was backed by Credly. That’s what’s confusing to me. I would have thought that they would be actively looking for someone to fix/replace this as it directly affects a HUGE market for them.

        I guess what I was suggesting is that someone forks the project and create’s their own version so as not to have to deal with the people who were screwed by the last developer. You could even give all those people a huge discount for the new plugin/addons amd charge a very small fee ($5) for the plugin itself instead of free. Then give lifetime access to plugin for free to anyone who has proof of purchase for old plugin.

        I’m just surprised that it’s gone on this long and there isn’t a feasible replacement yet, even if it was touted as it’s own plugin having nothing to do with badgeos. What I mean by replacement is a badging system that integrates with most of the things badgeos integrated with.

  2. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Context: I’m BRAND NEW to LearnDash and BadgeOS.

    I stumbled across this post while looking at some uncanny owl stuff. Anyway, reading it got me worried, since I am/was planning to use BadgeOS on my site. Hasn’t been updated in a year? Compatibility issues? Oh boy!

    Then I decided to poke around about BadgeOS. On the wordpress plugin page, it says it was updated 3 weeks ago (which would have been about one week after this post went live.

    Does this new BadgeOS update address the issues your patched version does? Are things cool now?

    Thanks from the newbie.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Great questions! We should really update the article with information about the update BadgeOS released. We think it’s great they released an update and hope it’s a sign that support will be returning.

      We did review their updates though and they didn’t include some things we did, like additional PHP7 support, some admin.css updates and some ajax calls that had issues. For now we’re continuing to use our version on client sites, but that may change in future.


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