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WP Courseware LMS DemoNow that we have demo sites available for LearnDash and WooThemes Sensei, we thought it was only fair to include WP Courseware in the mix. These 3 products are, after all, the bigger players in WordPress Learning Management Systems.

The new WP Courseware demo site is available at http://wpcourseware.uncannycloud.com/. Once again, we stuck to the same type of platform to make it easy to compare the 3 LMS platforms. Try signing in to all 3 and note the differences for yourself. (Note that this will only work for about 3 weeks; we’re planning on making some significant changes to our LearnDash site in the near future that will make it harder to do a direct comparison—but the new site will be a lot better!)

As always, drop us a note or leave a comment if you have any questions about the demo or working with WP Courseware. Stay tuned for a WP Courseware review in the near future!

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