Uncanny Codes 4.0 for WordPress

Our Codes plugin for WordPress has gone through many iterations since we first launched it in 2016. It started off as a simple code redemption tool to unlock LearnDash course and group access. Then we linked codes to registration and purchase, added expiry dates, allowed custom codes, then built in advanced code generation and redemption rules. Despite being a very capable and scalable plugin, it was never particularly popular and was limited to LearnDash use. With the release of Uncanny Codes 4.0, however, everything changes. Introducing Uncanny Codes 4.0 For about a year, the Uncanny team has wrestled with 2 big questions about our Codes plugin: How far could the plugin go if we supported more than LearnDash alone? What if instead of building integrations for other plugins we just linked it to Uncanny Automator? Uncanny Codes 4.0 will answer those questions, because the plugin no longer requires LearnDash and we have linked the redemption of codes and code batches to Automator recipes. (For anyone not familiar with Uncanny Automator, it’s a plugin that connects lots and lots of things together. When something happens somewhere, Automator can make something else happen, like the redemption of a code adding a user … Continue reading Uncanny Codes 4.0 for WordPress