Experimenting with Explainer Videos

In further efforts to drive traffic to our site and increase search engine rankings, we’ve started to create and post explainer videos. The research certainly backed up the concept. Forrester Research says video on a website is 53 times more likely to drive a first page search result; simplified.tv says videos in search get 40% more clicks than text, visitors stay 2 minutes longer and are 64% more likely to convert; Techcrunch cites informal feedback of 15-75% increases in conversions. Moreover, we’d get a few more external links pointing back to our site and maybe a few views from video services.

To minimize risks associated with cost and effort for what really was an experiment, we started off with template-based videos. With under $100 in spending and maybe 12 hours of work, we launched videos for Canada Translates and Uncanny Owl. They may not be exactly what we wanted, but the impression is still very professional and the messaging works reasonably well.

Here are the videos:

So what are the results so far? It’s only been a few days, so we’re not seeing any traffic increase yet. It’s performing well on Facebook though, with over 10 times more views than our typical post. The Linkedin presentation also helps to advertise our services, and it’s led to more people liking our Facebook page and some inquiries about how we did it. Even with a marginal traffic increase, the $100 and 12 hour investment have certainly paid off.

Now how can we justify creating even more explainer videos?

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