The Uncanny Owl Developer Program

Do you build sites with LearnDash and Uncanny Owl plugins? Do you have new LearnDash projects planned for the future? We can help!

The Uncanny Owl Developer Program was created to help LearnDash developers grow and expand their site development capabilities using Uncanny Owl tools. If you build great sites and know our plugins well, we might even send some projects your way.

Developer program benefits

When you join the Uncanny Owl Developer Program, you get:
  • A free 3-site license for ALL of our plugins, to be used on development sites only
  • A discount code on the Uncanny Owl and Uncanny Automator websites that offers 10% off of our plugins and gives you a 15% affiliate commission
  • A code that gives you 15% recurring commission on Uncanny LP installs
  • The opportunity to be showcased on the Uncanny Owl website with case studies
  • The possibility for LearnDash project referrals from Uncanny Owl

Who should join our LearnDash Developer Program

Participation in the program is limited to developers and agencies that have built multiple sites using LearnDash and our commercial plugins, and who expect to continue building new sites. This is not an opportunity to get our plugins at a discount or for personal use. All program applicants will be screened before acceptance into the program and we will review each participant's contributions to the community on an annual basis.

Why we're offering the program

Uncanny Owl is introducing the Developer Program so that we can:
  • Build better relationships with other developers. We know many developers and agencies are doing great work with LearnDash and our plugins and we don't hear about those experiences enough.
  • Build our referral network. We turn down about 90% of the project requests that come in and we often struggle to recommend other developers that would be a good fit. By knowing more about what other developers can do, we can better serve LearnDash site owners by being able to recommend the right party for the job.
  • To increase awareness of our plugins and their awesome capabilities. Our plugins have a lot of powerful features, and the best way to understand just how powerful they can be is to use them. By better supporting site builders, we hope to get our plugins used on as many sites as possible so we can continue to invest in building new and innovative plugins and features.

Join the Uncanny Owl Developer Program

If you're an experienced LearnDash developer and want to join our program, please complete the application below and we'll follow up within a week with more information.