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Sensei Demo SiteEver wanted to see what Sensei looked like with a third-party theme? Maybe try it out on a platform where it could be more directly compared to LearnDash? Now you can! Uncanny Owl now has a completely functional Sensei site up at http://sensei.uncannycloud.com/. Sign in and check out some demo courses and lessons created with Sensei!

If the new Sensei site looks familiar, that’s because it’s a clone of our LearnDash demo site. We took a snapshot of that site, replaced LearnDash and iThemes Exchange with Sensei and WooCommerce (and a whole lot of other stuff) and then rebuilt the same demo lessons in Sensei. By doing this it’s a lot easier to do a side-by-side comparison of 2 big WordPress LMS plugins. Just sign in to both sites and you can take a look at the differences yourself.

Why Sensei? Well, we’re trying to expand our scope on the platform side to cover WordPress LMS solutions in general rather than just LearnDash. Right now there aren’t a lot of options online for Sensei assistance and we look forward to filling in some of that gap.

Have questions about the demo site or getting Sensei support? Send us a note or leave a comment below!

Aug 22 Update: Interested in a LearnDash and Sensei comparison? Check out our WordPress LMS showdown!

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