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Getting LearnDash up and running can be hard. Sometimes really hard. To save time and a lot of frustration, we help companies start off on the right foot with LearnDash (or unravel the problems they’ve created). Now that we have a lot of LearnDash implementations behind us, we’ve come to realize just how many similarities there are across LearnDash installs, and how much time we invest on customizations that everyone ends up wanting anyway.

That’s why we created a pre-configured WordPress and LearnDash platform. For a typical LearnDash installation, which includes platform integration, building out functionality, setting up a lot of placeholder content and 1-on-1 training, our prices start at $5,000. By leveraging a standard platform instead, we can offer branded and customized LearnDash implementations for just $2,500. With all of the custom functionality and fully-tested features that are included, our normal price for a similar platform would be $7,500. By lowering the barrier to entry, we want to make it easy as possible to get your own LMS.

Using Uncanny Owl to help with your LearnDash implementation is a great way to lower costs, reduce effort and create a better product. We’ve had clients struggle for months to get complex learning programs online before turning to us, incurring huge expense along the way. Using an expert from the beginning slashes the learning curve and by the end of our collaboration you’ll be able to manage your own site and content without the weeks of frustration of doing everything on your own.


We do not offer an out-of-the-box package. We’re simply leveraging a pre-configured platform to reduce some consulting costs and improve efficiency for most users. Work for a basic LMS will still take 2 weeks and collaboration is required throughout.

A Custom LMS From $2,500

We take care of the things you need to get up and running with your own learning platform, fully branded and tailored to your company. Here’s a small sample of what’s included in the pre-configured platform:

  • 15+ placeholder pages, including a homepage, contact page, FAQ and blog
  • 3 course placeholders
  • 8 lesson templates with different content types
  • 2 quiz examples and a branded certificate
  • 25+ plugins working in harmony; LearnDash, theme and other licenses are purchased on your behalf
  • Our customized dashboard, sidebar and widget
  • Your branding, colors and name
  • Migration and testing on your site
  • 2 hours of personal training
  • Discounted custom development and ongoing support
  • And much more!
LearnDash Lesson

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LearnDash Course List

What’s the Catch?

To be able to offer this price point, we take a snapshot of our standard demo platform, customize it, then deploy it to your site. That means any existing content will be wiped out (you may be able to export and import posts and pages) and you don’t have a choice of theme. Please note this is still far from an out-of-the-box solution, so expect to work closely with us over approximately 2 weeks. We do, of course, also offer completely custom implementations.

The best way to see what we’re offering is to check out the demo site. Click the button to go there now!

One Size Fits Most

We tried to put together a base platform that will work for most businesses getting started with elearning. It even includes some special customizations, like a unique teacher role that can create lessons and track learner progress. Of course, some people need more features or an entirely custom solution. If you want things like social sign-in, customized reports, historical records, or even a marketing website, we can help. We also offer these core addons:


We’ll set up a basic ecommerce framework, with examples, that will let you charge students to enrol in courses. Students will be able to buy courses with PayPal or Stripe, and you’ll be able to set up coupons and even course bundles. We’ll even take care of setting up taxes and membership capabilities if you need subscription access to courses.

Learning Record Store—$2,000 Annually

We’ll track unlimited activities in our hosted LRS for 1 year, set up a LearnDash integration to pass progress to the LRS, and even build a sample lesson that tracks activity from a Tin Can module. We’ll also set up a basic report for you in the LRS that’s pushed out every month automatically and, of course, you’ll have 24×7 access to the raw data.

Maintenance & Hosting—$2,000 Annually

We build it, we host it, we maintain it. We’ll set your site up on our system to get you the best possible performance. We’ll also monitor the site, perform maintenance updates on a quarterly basis (and test them too!), maintain nightly backups and generally keep everything running smoothly. With this package you can have as many as 1,000 active learners per month.

Custom Development

Need something that goes above and beyond stock capabilities? Maybe migrating historical records, custom dashboards, program development, social sign-in or something else? We’re happy to scope out a plan that fits your budget.

LearnDash Teacher Role

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