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torontoelearning.comWe’ve decided to try our hand at connecting Toronto’s elearning community and local businesses. We’re not the first, but we are the first that isn’t either national, behind a paywall or out of date. is a community site where anyone interested in elearning can  share and connect. On the business side, there’s a vendor directory and boards for elearning jobs and projects. On the social side, there’s a calendar with Toronto’s latest elearning events and a news feed that captures everything Toronto’s elearning pros are saying in one location. Everything is completely free and there are no ads. We created the site as a networking experiment, not a source of income.

If you’re an elearning provider, we hope you’ll drop by and submit (or claim) your business profile. While you’re there, check out the postings and submit your social news URLs to We’ll make sure they’re included in our consolidated Toronto elearning feed!

If you’re a business, check out Toronto’s rich selection of elearning providers. Post your jobs and projects to connect with the region’s experts!

If you’re a student, check out the discussion to learn more about the industry and what’s happening in Toronto. And if you want a professional-looking email address that shows your industry affiliation, claim your free email address!

We really hope the Toronto elearning community finds the site useful. It’s still new, so there may be some issues, and we would love to get your feedback on what we’re doing. Let us know how we can improve and help you better connect with Toronto’s elearning community!

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