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Compliance Training eLearning

Compliance training doesn’t have to be a necessary evil. It can be fun, and even more importantly, it can improve business results. With the right compliance training you can do more than tick boxes for auditors and regulators; you can minimize your risks and reduce costs.

Companies need compliance training for everything from health & safety and information security to anti-money laundering and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It’s a familiar routine—every December, staff and trainers scramble to complete mandatory training while management hopes even some of the learning sticks. All too often, compliance training “meets the requirements” but does little to change behaviour and reduce risk.


Why eLearning?

compliance elearning

Compliance training typically involves a large audience, expects consistent messaging and requires a way to track completion. That’s a perfect fit for elearning! With elearning programs you can do all of that and more. Compliance programs delivered via elearning can leverage many techniques to improve engagement and outcomes, including the following:

  • Video interviews and storytelling that make the risks of non-compliance real, relevant and personal
  • Storytelling and scenarios to improve the application of learning and deliver personal feedback
  • Opportunities for self-assessment and reflection by using interactivity and coaching
  • Individual profiles and pre-tests to determine how much or how little of each course a learner really needs to complete
  • Integrated tools to ask experts and reach out for support

eLearning compliance programs can also save considerable cost relative to classroom training and other methods of verifying compliance. Once created, you can deliver programming to as many people as you want, year after year, without additional expense. And by assessing learners and delivering only as much training as is needed, you can reduce losses to productivity and increase engagement. Companies can also use question banks and random questions to reduce cheating and encourage learning.

Importance of Training

Compliance training is one of the highest-growth areas of workplace learning. In a 2014 survey by Kineo and eLearning Industry, 51% of respondents said compliance communication increased in 2013. At the same time, over 35% of participants said their compliance learning programs were either not effective or needed work. That’s a worrisome trend, especially with PwC reporting that regulators and audit committees are looking for even more evidence of compliance program effectiveness. How effective are your compliance programs?

Why Uncanny Owl?

Uncanny Owl has delivered compliance training programs to large organizations since 2006. In fact, one of our principals managed a large compliance program that earned a Gold Award from the Canadian Society for Training & Development in 2007! We know what’s  important with compliance training, and we have a lot of experience with mobile and cross-platform testing that will help in any BYOD environment. We can tell you not only who has completed compliance training, but performance trends and behavioural changes. We’ll work with you to create compelling programs that will reduce your risk and lower costs.

Ready to create great compliance training? Tell us about your project!

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