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Screencast Workflow Best Practices

We recently created a number of screencasts for clients to support software training. As public-facing screencasts for enterprise software, the standards had to be very high. That meant 1 single person couldn’t do everything; we needed a professional voice actor, a software SME, and someone from our team to take care of instructional design and […]

How to Save Money on eLearning Projects

Sometimes the elearning solution you want costs more than you want to spend (or more than you can spend!). Balancing budget and scope is always a challenge, and the cost of elearning can vary widely depending on the context and requirements. According to a 2010 research report by the Chapman Alliance, the cost of a […]

Directory Experiments and Social Content Creation

We covered the launch of www.torontoelearning.com in a previous post and just completed some updates for April. Since stabilizing the platform, we decided to test it with a completely different market—regional track events. The new website, www.torontotrackdays.com, has already seen huge interest from the local racing community (250+ organic likes on Facebook within 6 weeks of […]

Toronto eLearning Hub Updates

Looking for the latest Toronto elearning events and job postings? Toronto’s elearning hub has had its first monthly refresh, so all of the new listings are now available online! If you notice anything missing, please submit them and we’ll make sure they’re included on the site. Torontoelearning.com has now been up for a month and we’d […]

Looking for Compliance Training?

Uncanny Owl can help! Compliance training is one of the highest-growth areas of workplace training and it increasingly needs to be about more than just checking off boxes. With a recent survey finding that the frequency of compliance communications increased by 51%, and PwC reporting more scrutiny by regulators and auditors of program effectiveness, compliance […]

What BYOD Means for eLearning

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are quickly gaining enterprise support and many elearning programs aren’t ready. In the past, elearning professionals could design and test for a handful of devices and be confident that their materials would work. That’s all changing. A 2013 Cisco study revealed that 9 in 10 Americans currently use their […]

First eLearning Project? Start Here

A lot of our website visitors come from Google and are looking into elearning for the first time. I’m sure it’s the same for many elearning companies; new clients find you because they need web-based training, but they don’t necessarily know what’s involved or how projects work. We really want people to know we’re a […]

Pitching eLearning to Small Businesses

I’m still new to elearning consulting and marketing my business. My partner and I have a really broad set of skills, so we started off by saying we did “everything”, which of course meant that nobody knew what Uncanny Owl did. Worse, our networks aren’t that big (I was at the same company for 9 […]

Improving eLearning Usability

What makes people want to use your elearning? How do you remove barriers to learning and make your programs accessible? I recently examined these and other questions in an article on elearning usability published by trainingindustry.com. It’s available online at http://www.trainingindustry.com/learning-technologies/articles/improving-e-learning-usability.aspx. It isn’t hard (or expensive) to make your elearning easy to use and engaging, […]

Introducing eLearningQA

At Uncanny Owl, we like to experiment with new product ideas. Our latest is a service called eLearningQA and it’s targeted at elearning professionals. In our experience, many elearning companies and designers don’t have a strong grasp of testing. Learners are rarely (or superficially) involved in the development process, even though their use of the […]